Cupping is an ancient alternative therapy that originated in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine. The cupping’ therapist warms up and places them on your skin. Due to the underpressure that arises, the cup will stick to your skin. The cup can also be evacuated with the help of a pump. The cups that used can be made of glass, earthenware, plastic or bamboo.

The idea is that you stimulate blood circulation and massaging muscles and connective tissues. It would also have an effect on the meridians, jobs in the body where energy flows.

All kinds of health benefits are attributed to cupping. Some athletes use cupping because they are convinced that it promotes their recovery. In addition, it would help with numerous ailments. From headaches, colds and insomnia to back pain, depression and infertility. According to some cupping therapists, it even helps prevent cancer.

Dry cupping is not as painful as it may be. You get purple red, round spots from the place where the cup was. That’s because the suction draws blood to that place. The circles will disappear automatically after a few days.


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